Kelly Cheung
I often burn the midnight oil so my eye bags are becoming bigger and darker.

A while ago I went to Modern Beauty to take Treatment For Sense Touch Treatment. I heard that this treatment can stimulate the micro-circulation around the eyes, smooth the eye wrinkles and tighten the eye bags through promoting the growth of collagen and strengthening the eye muscles.

This treatment involves four steps. The aesthetician patiently gave me a detailed explanation about the treatment during which the Sense Touch equipment is used to achieve multi-results through four different ways including cyro-electroporation, RF vaccum suction, micro-current and warm massage. The equipment effectively transfers intense energy into the cells which are then repaired. It can also induce fibroblast proliferation to lift up and tighten the skin. And the warm massage function can relieve the fatigue of eyes.

While the aesthetician turned the handpiece around my eyes, I felt so sleepy and comfortable. I found my eye lines reduce and eye bags shrank afterwards. My eyes were refreshed! The treatment is so good that I would recommend it to you all!