Tania 1

As an artist, I’ve been bothered by the baby fat on my face, which makes me look chubby on camera! So, I keep looking for effective methods to lose face fat. Last week I tried the V-MAX HIFU treatment at Modern Beauty Salon. This treatment makes use of the latest Korean HIFU technology to emit fast and intensive HIFU energy in order to effectively lift and firm up your facial skin.

Korea’s beauty industry is well-developed so I feel confident of this treatment. There’s just one small thing that concerns me. I was afraid my skin would turn red and swollen afterwards and this could affect my work! However, these signs didn’t appear at all! The whole treatment was painless and non-invasive. It was very relaxing as the beautician gave me a massage after the HIFU treatment. She also applied collagen mask on my face! All the beauticians were so friendly, which made it an even more relaxing experience!

After the whole treatment, I can feel that my facial skin has become much firmer and the elasticity of my skin has regained! I believe the baby fat on my face will soon be gone!

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