Highlight of the energy house of mineral salt

Royal regimen with long history

Originating in Korea 500 years ago, the ingenious method for beauty and slimming, steam bath, is popular all over the country. It is said that this regimen was developed by Sejong the Great of the ancient Kingdom of Joseon to enhance the health of his people. At that time the steam bath rooms were actually kiln-like small houses built by rocks and loess. Inside the houses there were various ores which gave out far-infrared radiation after heating to foster the blood circulation and the discharge of toxins and waste with sweat, resulting in the improvement in metabolism, health and beauty.

Exclusive service in the city

Modern Beauty cooperates with Hanbrand Asia Pacific and leads the way in introducing this regimen. It built the first and the only Korean steam bath room, the energy house of mineral salt. The walls of the room were made of mineral salt bricks while the floors, jade. Inside the rooms, the three treasures for regimen, mineral salt, jade and tourmaline are heated to release various substances which are good for health. Have a steam bath and a drip with sweat can achieve the results of detoxification, facial beauty, health enhancement, pressure release and relaxation, improving the conditions of both skin and body.


Mineral salt The distillation of land and ocean

Mineral salt is distilled from the energy of ancient land and ocean. This kind of mineral crystals filled with energy and spirits are the fruits of underground minerals and sea salt 280 million years ago. Containing 84 kinds of beneficial trace elements like iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, aluminium, zinc, gallium and silicon, they are known as the “King of Salt”.

Three major substances for health improvement

The mineral salt gives out salt molecules, negative ions and magnetic field. The salt utilized by Hanbrand Asia Pacific is even refined by TEDISI far infrared transformation technology so as to achieve a purity of nearly 100% as well as higher stability and intensity. Thus, the rich minerals, negative ions and micro-organisms etc. can fully work to filter and remove the harmful gases, water and heavy metals inside human body.

  • Salt molecules

    1. Purification of lungs: They can purify the lungs, provide sterilization, kill bacteria and keep the body warm and at the same time reactivate the hibernating cells and help the healing of wounds. They are also a good remedy to skin diseases.
    2. Detoxification and anticarcinogen: Under a temperature between 38℃ and 42℃ and a humidity of about 60%, a lot of toxic metals inside our body like lead, cadmium, cobalt and nickel etc. can be eliminated so that the cancer cells can be reduced.
    3. Rheumatism remedy: Mineral salt can relieve the pain of the patients with rheumatoid arthritis through reducing the concentration of selenium and zinc in their blood.
    4. Skin improvement: Try steam bath for one week can help achieve a balance between acid and alkali inside the body so that the dull and coarse skin and pimple problem can be improved. The skin will become luminous and soft.
  • Negative ions

    Remedy for respiratory diseases: Negative ions will be released by mineral salt under heat circulation for air purification. The amount of negative ions will be released by 500 to 7000 per cm3, providing cleaner air which makes you feel like staying in a forest! So respiratory diseases like asthma can be relieved.

    Relaxation: Negative ions can clean the air so when you stay in the energy house, you will become relaxed. The clean and relaxing environment can relieve depression, mood swings, fatigue and anxiety etc.

  • Magnetic field

    Remedy for blood stasis: The magnetic field vibrates all the cells of human body so it is a good remedy for blood stasis.



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  • Bone strengthening: Activate the bone cells, prevent and relieve osteoporosis
  • Cure for female diseases: an effective remedy for females discomforts like menopause syndrome and irregular menstrual cycles etc.
  • Help digestion and the absorption of nutrients
  • Relaxation of muscles: soften the body and muscles, and relieve tension so as to improve flexibility
  • Purification of blood: Remove the waste in the blood
  • Strengthening of the immune system: balance and regulate the hormones so as to strengthen the immune system
  • Fat burning: With the removal of waste in blood during sweating, the fat inside the body will also melt and come out with the sweat. In this way the obesity problem caused by blood circulation disorder can be relieved.

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Blemishes, sub-health, obesity, fatty liver, high blood pressure, chloasma, kidney asthenia, constipation, acnes, high blood fat, diabetes, cholecystitis, rashes, coronary heart disease, cirrhosis of liver, psoriasis, menstrual cramps, hepatitis, allergy, cyst of liver, insomnia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, bad breath, body odor, thickened blood, mouth ulcer, prostatitis, ovarian cyst, hyperplasia of mammary glands, hysteromyoma, sore waist and aching back, prostatic hypertrophy, poor absorption of nutrients, chronic bronchitis, overdose of medicine, sore back and neck, endocrine disorder

Energy gems

Besides mineral salt, there are many kinds of energy gems such as jade and tourmaline etc inside the energy room. They can constantly release negative ions and remove free radicals, making the cells healthier and more energetic. They can also activate the deep cells, foster metabolism, improve micro-circulation, remove harmful substances inside the body and purify the blood so that the capillary vessels will expand to reduce the peripheral vascular resistance and cure the spasm of capillary vessels, resulting in the reduction in fat and blood pressure. The gems are not only beneficial to the body but also the skin for the energy they give out can make the skin firm, smooth and radiant. Taking the steam bath for 2 to 3 times per week is already enough for keeping youthfulness, slimming, preventing cancer and achieving longevity.

The energy gems can also release far-infrared to activate the cells and make the substances which cause fatigue and aging such as lactic acid, cholesterol and excessive subcutaneous fat drain out through the skin, leaving the skin luminous and delicate. Long-term steam bath can even effectively prevent skin aging, smooth wrinkles, accelerate metabolism and improve the micro-circulation.

Jade and tourmaline are beneficial to our health in many ways. The benefits are explained as follows:

Jade: a treasure for regimen and longevity

Jade is known for its nourishing effect and this is why Chinese describe a gentle and humble person as “a nourishing jade”. Jade can give nourishment and also relieve diseases. Since ancient times Chinese wear jade for not only decorating but also absorbing its odor. Nowadays, there is scientific prove to show that jade has various trace elements which foster metabolism and blood circulation. After being worn for a period, the colour and tone of jade will become more luminous and clear. So it is said by Chinese that “Human and the jade nourish each other”. When the skin gets contact with jade, the magnetic field of the gem will interact with the bioelectric field of human body. The magnetic field can stimulate the acupuncture points, channels and collaterals for refreshing and regulating the functions of human body.
According to the record of the Compendium of Materia Medica, the monumental work of Chinese Medicine, jade, which is poisonless and has a pleasant odor, is mainly used to clear away pathogenic internal heat, relieve thirst and tranquilize the mind. Long-term use can bring longevity and moisten the heart, lungs, throat, hair and even other organs. This means jade is not only considered as an ornament but also a remedy for diseases and a panacea for health preservation. There are many kinds of jades and the one that we are using is topaz.

Topaz: pulses for cell activation

The bioelectricity of topaz produces ultrasound pulses every time when it contacts with human body. The pulses can reach 1820 times on average with a frequency between 200,000 and 800,000 hertz, leading to a strong resonance with the water molecules inside the body. In this way the blood circulation and metabolism are enhanced, leading to a better coordination of the functions of organs and regulation of the vital energy and blood. The operation and sensitivity of the organs can also be improved while the immune system can be strengthened.

Tourmaline: mineral energy from ancient volcanoes

Tourmaline is the only mineral containing nonconsumable electrode on Earth. This kind of gem can produce 0.06 milliampere of permanent tiny electrical current which resembles the electrical impulses passing through the nerves of human body. The special piezoelectric effect and thermoelectric effect produced can enhance human health. This rare mineral is formed 50 million to 75.5 million years ago when the magma underwent high humidity, heat and its acid and tectonic pressure etc. It contains essential elements like potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, trace and rare elements like zinc, iron, selenium, copper, strontium, iodine, fluoride and metasilicate. Tourmaline contains approximately 58 kinds of these elements which are all important in maintaining health.

Korean steam bath in the energy house of mineral salt is a whole new regimen first introduced by Modern Beauty. This health preservation method originated in ancient Korea can build up strength, fight aging and prevent diseases, providing a lot of benefits to all parts of the body and even the complexion so it is an all-round regimen improving both the health and beauty of us. Welcome to Modern Beauty and experience this exclusive miracle!