高效防曬噴霧 SPF 50+


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ALOE VERA JUICE IN GEL : Hydrates, soothes, repairs scar tissue and re-epithelizes skin. Our juice is BIO certified. Soothes, hydrates, carries out anti-redness action. Leaves skin hydrated and soft.

椰子油: 天然植物油,具有保濕和潤膚作用,能滋潤乾燥皮膚。提高新陳代謝,並鎖住水分,能舒緩肌膚之灼熱刺激

COCONUT OIL: Natural Vegetable Oil with moisturizing and emollient properties. It grants incredible softness

and shine to the skin.

梔子花油: 用來療癒肌膚,具舒緩、保濕、保護及美容肌膚的功效,並散發香草香氣

MONOI OIL Effective soothing action, it maintains skin hydration.

It prevents irritation and leaves skin hydrated and soft.

米油:  保濕,彈性和舒緩效果,防止紅腫和刺激,使皮膚保持水潤和柔軟

RICE OIL : Hydrating, elasticizing and soothing effect. Prevents reddening and irritations, leaving the skin hydrated and soft.

功效防水 質地輕盈,迅速吸收。 不會在皮膚上留下任何痕跡。 可以阻擋UVA / UVB。 適合蒼白的皮膚和對太陽敏感的皮膚。讓嬰兒和兒童避免陽光直接照射,保護幼嫩的身軀。

Characteristics : Light texture, water resistant and rapidly absorbed.

It leaves no traces on the skin. It guarantees immediate, effective UVA/UVB protection. Suitable for pale skin and skin sensitive to the sun.

使用方法在晒太陽之前,CODE: BYO471先搖一搖產品,然後均勻噴在臉部和身體上,輕輕拍至乾。  /  CODE: BYO466把產品均勻塗抹在臉部和身體上,輕輕拍至乾。

Professional use : Apply liberally and evenly to the face and body before exposure to the sun. A reduction in the amount applied may significantly reduce the level of protection. Re-apply frequently, especially after bathing or after drying with a towel. Avoid exposure to the sun in the central hours of the day and for a long time. Keep babies and children shielded from direct sunlight.